Are you looking for proofreading or translation in German or English?
Then you have come to just the right place.

Our main expertise at is in marketing and academic materials, and our proofreaders and translators are skilled in working on specialised texts in a variety of subject areas. Only qualified native speakers proofread or edit your documents - all translations are carried out by native speakers of the target language.

Marketing proofreading

Quick - flexible - skilfull

    • Leaflets, mailings, brochures, advertisements
    • Customer and employee magazines
    • Business reports, press releases, etc.

      Academic proofreading

      Proofreaders with university degrees

        • Professorial dissertations
        • Articles for specialist journals
        • Textbooks
        • Publication of studies, etc.

          Marketing translation services

          Written to appeal

            • Brochure materials, catalogues
            • Press kits, advertising texts
            • Product presentations, etc.

              Dissertation proofreading

              Special discounts for students

                • Bachelor and Master theses
                • Degree dissertations
                • Dissertations, etc.

                  Translation of websites

                  Style adapted to target group

                    • Economics and finance
                    • Technology, mechanical engineering
                    • Medicine, medical technology
                    • Culture and tourism, etc.

                      Translation of specialised texts

                      Experienced specialist translators

                        • PowerPoint presentations, lectures
                        • Training documentation, instructions
                        • Tour guides, menus
                        • Application documentation, contracts, etc.

                            Dissertation proofreading

                            Special discounts for students

                            • Bachelor and Master theses
                            • Degree dissertations

                            Dissertations, etc.

                            What is proofreading? What is editing?

                            When proofreading, the text is checked for spelling, punctuation and grammar, and the mistakes are corrected. If the meaning of any of the words or sentences is not clear, the proofreader will insert a comment, but not make any proposals for reformulations.

                            Editing is not just about correct language usage; it also takes the content of the text into consideration. Various criteria can be checked by the proofreader, depending on your instructions. These include the right choice of vocabulary, suitability of style, intelligibility, logical structure, quoting other publications correctly, compliance with given formats, clear layout, etc. The proofreader’s comments will not just draw attention to inconsistencies, they will usually include recommendations for changes as well. You determine the precise scope of the proofreading process yourself. Of course, the number of working hours required for editing is always more than that for proofreading. The more points that need to be checked by the proofreader, the more working hours required to check the document. Proofreading, however, will always include corrections to the text.